Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue

EGRR Adoption Application

For those interested in active participation, below are the areas in which we could use your help.

Grooming Shelter Visitation Fundraising Publicity Education Administrative Art/Graphic Design
Writing/Communication Computer/IT Web Site Telephone Screening Home Visits Transportation Foster Care
I am interested in being a General Volunteer – send me a Volunteer Application.
I am interested in becoming a Foster Home – send me a Foster Home Application.

A Full membership is for those who participate in activities or decision making, vote at the Annual Meeting, or hold office. A Supporting membership is for those who wish to show support for Rescue. A “Supporting - Golden” (“G”) membership is for, …well…, Goldens supporting Rescue !!! And for all pals of Goldens who also support Rescue, there is the “Supporting - Kinship” (“O”) membership ! The benefit of membership is knowing that you are helping to sustain the key efforts of EGRR – to help homeless Golden Retrievers and to promote responsible dog ownership.

Please select "G" for Golden or "O" for Other and then fill in the Pet's Name.


Additional tax-deductible donation